(Photos) First Look at Season 2 of “Dynasty” + Scoop

With Dynasty returning in less than a month, on October 12 at 8/7c, it’s about time we get some news on the upcoming season and of course, The CW has delivered by releasing the first stills! Not only The CW has given us a peek, but TVLine has recently made an article with exclusive scoop on some of the shows returning this Fall and Dynasty was one of the chosen ones. We get to learn more about the new Crystal, Liam’s mother is coming??? Surely things won’t get easier for the Carringtons, that’s for sure.

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The reboot’s second season finds the Carringtons “rising from the ashes and redefining themselves after some major life changes,” teases executive producer Sallie Patrick — the biggest being the arrival of the real Cristal, played by Ana-Brenda Contreras. “She’s here to clear the air. Some mistruths have been circulating, so she’s coming to set that story straight. She’s not going to un-complicate things.” Also arriving to muck things up is Anders’ “irreverent, rebellious” daughter Kirby, who still carries a grudge over her perceived mistreatment at the hands of the Carringtons. “Even after the truth comes out, she’ll continue wreaking havoc on the family, especially Fallon and Alexis.” Speaking of truths coming out, Melissa’s pregnancy will serve as “one of several bumps” in Steven and Sammy Jo’s marriage, while Jeff and Monica (aka the newest Carringtons) will have to decide how involved they want to be with the family. As for Alexis, “she’ll always hold a torch for Blake, and she’ll always be very passionate… about money.” Lastly, we’ll get to meet Liam’s family (including his mother, played by Sharon Lawrence), a brood that’s “almost more screwed up than the Carringtons.” Is that possible?

BONUS SPOILER!: Patrick teases a possible “accident on horseback” that should sound familiar to fans of the original series.