Elizabeth Shares ‘Victorious’ Memories on 10th Anniversary

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10 years. Couldn’t write down half the memories if I tried. I love these guys so much. The years we spent at Nick on Sunset filming Victorious held some of the most wonderful and precious moments I’ll ever have in my life. We were kids. We all grew up together on that show. We laughed as hard as we worked. We were a family 10 years ago and we still are now. (No, really, I’m serious- we were texting each other for over 2 hours last night) Thank you to all the fans, old and new, for embracing our weird little show and for continuing to keep it alive so many years later. Thank you @danwarp for creating these characters that would end up shaping us for a lifetime and for bringing the wild world of Hollywood Arts to life. Those vibrant sets in the middle of Hollywood were our office for 4 years. Dream job. Anyway- I love Victorious, I love my Victorious family & I love you guys. VICTORIOUS!! 🍾🍾 🍾 (you’re all old enough to drink now, right?)

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