Elizabeth to make her Directing Debut

VARIETYElizabeth Gillies is pulling more than double duty on “Dynasty.” Not only does she star as Fallon Carrington on the CW reboot of my favorite 1980s primetime soap, but she exclusively tells me she will make her directing debut with an upcoming episode. “I’ve always wanted to do it,” Gillies says. “I think it was last year I really made it clear my pitch to direct. I did my homework and I shadowed a bunch of directors. I’m thankful they’re letting me do it. I couldn’t be more excited, but I’m afraid I’ll fall in love with it so much that I will only want to focus on that.”

She’s also set to sing a song, “More Than Me,” that she wrote with her real-life musician husband Michael Corcoran (known professionally as Backhouse Mike or Ken Lofkoll) for Fallon to sing at her wedding. They had to nix plans for her to perform with a big band due to COVID restrictions, but Gillies was prepared. “Luckily I play piano, so I was able to accompany myself,” she says. “We do plan on releasing a full version based on how we intended it to be performed so that the fans can enjoy that version as well. It’s very sweet and tender. I think the fans will really love it.” But, she originally thought of not telling her co-stars she wrote the tune. “I wanted to see when I finished it if they would be like, ‘Wow, that song sucks,’” Gillies says, laughing. “But I told them and I think they found it very sweet, too. Most of our cast is musical, so if they were given an opportunity where their character is supposed to be writing this original song and then they just licensed some random song it would be a little strange.”