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Exclusive: Dynasty Star Elizabeth Gillies Spills Her Fall Fashion Fads, Favorite ATL Haunts & More

JEZEBEL – She rose to stardom as Fallon Carrington in the modernized reboot of Dynasty, where her spunky, fearless character quickly became known as the most fashionable woman on television. Now a self-dubbed fashionholic, Elizabeth Gillies (@lizgillz) gets real about the show’s impact on her personal style and how fashion quickly became an art form for the Atlantan—plus her recent decision to call Atlanta home (read: good food and Southern hospitality).

How would you describe your personal style and your relationship with fashion? My personal style has changed so much over the course of my life, particularly from my teenage years to my adulthood. I went through this seemingly never-ending phase where I was allergic to anything bold or colorful and only wanted to wear black or shades of black. I would layer on as many dark items of clothing I could get my hands on, and I would always wear boots. It didn’t matter what season it was. I paid zero attention to trends and only dressed for my body and what made me feel comfortable. As I started to get older, I slowly started to soften and began paying attention to what other people were wearing. After my first fitting for Dynasty in 2017, I knew I’d never look at clothing the same way again. I was basically given a master class by [costume designer] Meredith Markworth-Pollack, and I just became obsessed. Now, my taste level has changed—I’m aware of every new collection and trend and I’m a certified fashionholic. Although, I have to admit, my closet still consists of more black than any other color. The pieces are just much nicer!

Your character on Dynasty, Fallon Carrington, is known for having the best wardrobe on television. Do you think Fallon’s wardrobe has impacted your personal style through the years? Fallon is virtually fearless when it comes to fashion. She makes bold choices and takes big risks. I was never like that. Before I started this show, I was basically wearing all black every day for about seven years, so, needless to say, playing her has opened my eyes and broadened my horizons when it comes to the many possibilities of fashion. I’m thankful that Fallon got me wearing color again.

As the cover star of our Fall Fashion Issue, can you tell our readers what you love most about this season’s styles and what you’re most looking forward to wearing as it cools down in Atlanta (we hope!)? Fall is my favorite season—well, fall and winter. I like being cold and I love sweaters! I actually just bought a bunch of new ones in anticipation of fall. Jenni Kayne makes really wonderful ones. Layering a crisp white collared shirt under a sweater with a pair of great jeans is always a nice, clean look. I’m big on layering. Anything and everything fall fashion is heaven to me so it’s hard for me to choose one thing.

You’re coming up on one year of marriage—congratulations! Tell us about picking all of your looks for the big weekend. Was the dress you landed on what you always thought you’d wear? I had a relatively large wedding planned before the pandemic hit last year, so I was trying on all different kinds of dresses. The problem with dress shopping for me is that I’d worn and tried on so many fabulous, extravagant wedding gowns over the years on Dynasty that there was nothing that could impress me at the time. I’d seen it all and I was sort of over it. Having said that, I knew I wanted something timeless and elegant. After having a bunch of designer dresses sent in, and running all over trying everything, I ultimately decided on a local designer named Britt Wood, who has a shop here in Atlanta [called Britt Wood Designs & Bridal Salon]. I just loved the material of the gown I chose. It was a heavy, beautiful silk. I also loved the buttons down the back—so classic. The veil he paired it with really sealed the deal for me. It added an element of drama while still being understated.

Now that season four of Dynasty is out, we’re already looking at what’s to come in the season finale Sept. 3—and, of course, season five. Any insider scoop to share? This season was so interesting. It’s very fascinating to me how the constraints of the pandemic impacted not only our storylines but also our performances. I keep saying it’s a very internal season. Not being able to have all the big, extravagant parties we’re used to having on Dynasty led to more intimate, emotional storylines. Fallon’s storyline this season is really about her struggle as a new wife and the difficulties of a first-year marriage. It gets very real, very fast. I think this might be the most relatable and honest Fallon we’ve ever seen. Her problems this season are very human, which isn’t always the case. I have no clue what the writers have in store for season five, but I can promise you that the season four finale will leave you speechless.

You’re officially an Atlantan! What prompted the decision to move to our fair city permanently? I’m from New Jersey, and I’d been living in L.A. for about 10 years prior to this move, so Atlanta was a very welcome change for me. I never felt connected to the West Coast the way I do the East, and so much of Atlanta reminds me of home. Visually, there are parts of the suburbs that look just like New Jersey, Connecticut and Long Island, which is very comforting to me. You also have this amazing food scene! Funnily enough, I think a big deciding factor for me buying a home here was the broad selection of stellar restaurants. I don’t know what I’d do without them. I love going out to dinner—I could never live in a city without a great restaurant scene. Aside from superficial things, I find the people here to be incredibly warm and welcoming. I feel very at home. Also, I fly constantly, so the fact that Atlanta is a Delta hub makes me very happy.

What does your typical weekend out in Atlanta look like? My family comes into town fairly often, and when they’re here we usually like to go to brunch, walk around Virginia-Highland or Howell Mill, come home and then go back out for dinner! We also enjoy shooting the Hooch once or twice a year. I just did that with my girlfriends when they were in town last month. We had so much fun.

Favorite local haunts? Any good hidden gems? I don’t want to tell you my hidden gems because then they won’t stay hidden! I’ll give you a few. Restaurant-wise, some staples of mine have always been Sotto Sotto, Marcel, Bartaco, St. Cecilia, JCT. Kitchen and Aria. I also recently tried Lazy Betty for the first time, which blew my mind. Small business-wise, I’m a big fan of Young Blood Boutique, Urban Cottage, Waiting on Martha Home, Kudzu… and I’m not telling you any others! Shopping for home goods is my favorite thing in the world.

Any future projects or ventures in the works, in Atlanta or otherwise? I do have a couple of exciting things in the works, but right now I’m just getting ready for more Dynasty.