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The return of the lost Carrington son promises a lot of drama, especially since Fallon is not yet aware that she has another brother nor that he was kidnapped when a baby. The CW has released the promo to this weeks episode of Dynasty, titled Trashy Little Tramp, which you can watch bellow – along with the synopsis.

When Blake thwarts Fallon’s attempts to take the company in a new direction, Fallon realizes that the biggest threat is actually Blake himself.

Posted on April 30, 2018 / by Jess in Dynasty

Just when you think you have seen it all in Dynasty, something new happens that leaves you in shock! How did you guys enjoy last week’s episode? I absolutely loved it, and i can’t wait to see what happens next especially with all the twists we witness during the whole episode. High definition screen captures from the episode, titled A Line From The Past have been added to the gallery!

026.jpg 190.jpg 236.jpg 389.jpg

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Next week’s episode of Dynasty promises to be as good as this week’s, as Fallon will be finding out about Carrington Atlantic’s secret. One episode still from the episode, titled A Line from the Past, has been added to our gallery thanks to FarFarAway and you can watch the official promo for the episode bellow!


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Dynasty returned from a small hiatus last night, with a brand new episode that gave us answers regarding Liam’s identity plus Jeff looks to be back (and he’s not in good shape). Our gallery has been updated with high definition screen captures from the episode, titled Use or Be Used!

016.jpg 297.jpg 431.jpg 634.jpg

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Hello Elizabeth fans! I bring you episodic stills from tonight’s episode of Dynasty, titled Used or Be Used, along with the official synopsis and the promo for the episode!

001.jpg 002.jpg 003.jpg 001.jpg

The manipulative power games between Fallon and Alexis continue when Alexis — who’s grown highly suspect of Fallon’s new husband, Liam — meddles in Fallon’s love life.  Meanwhile, Blake and Cristal spar over whether CA will take responsibility for the health crisis that is hurting Culhane’s family. James Mackay, Rafael de la Fuente, Sam Adegoke and Alan Dale also star.

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Hello Elizabeth fans! Last night aired a brand new episode of Dynasty, titled “Don’t Con a Con Artist”. We got to watch more of Fallon VS Alexis war during this episode, which caused quite some damage (not to mention yet another secret of Blake Carrington has revealed). I bring you high definition screen captures from last night’s episode, and as always – Fallon Carrington showed us she’s not one to mess around with.

044.jpg 246.jpg 298.jpg 680.jpg

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